BLM Wild Horses: Blue Boy, Sundance, Annie, Augustus, Roscoe, Laddie, Sombra and Little Man

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Blue Boy

Foaled: 1997 / Colt
Herd: Murderer's Creek (Grant County) Oregon
Present Owner: Jim Wheeler
Present Location: Oregon
Blue Boy is more like a pet.
He has to have his nose in everything going on.


Foaled: 1995 / Gelding
Herd: White Pine Co. (Eureka), Nevada
Present Owner: Jim Wheeler
Present Location: Oregon
Sundance is just started and halter broke,
but is still alittle spicy.

Fish Creek Annie

Foaled: 1993 / Mare
Herd: Fish Creek HMA; Eureka NV
Present Owner: Gwen Holloway
Present Location: Tennessee
Annie has cute all wrapped up and is
enjoying her new spread.

Augustus Nevada

Foaled: 1999 / Colt
Herd: Agustus Mountain, NV
Present Owner: Lucy Lowe
Present Location: North Carolina
A nice youngster adopted at
Wild Horse Workshop '99


Foaled: 1996 / Gelding
Herd: (not indicated)
Present Owner: Brett and Melissa Shurr
Present Location: California
A playful guy adopted at
Palomino Valley Center


Foaled: (not indicated) / Stallion
Herd: (not indicated)
Present Owner: Kristi and Kyle Cantor
Present Location: Tennessee
Excellent disposition and loves children.

Goodfield's Kiger Sombra

Foaled: 1999 / Stallion
Herd: Riddle HMA (Oregon)
Present Owner: Larry & Melissa Scott
Present Location: Tennessee
Easily gentled and appears in public events to promote mustangs

Mi Chiquito Hombre
(My Little Man)

Foaled: 1999 / Stud Colt
Herd: Parumph, NV
Present Owner: Kathryn Manning
Present Location: Nevada
Excellent disposition and loves children.

Motivating Wild Horses
One of the secrets to gentling and training a wild horse is to avoid triggering the horse's flight or fight response. Low resistance approaches and positive motivators have proved to be the most efficient and humane approaches to wild horse gentling.

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