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Metawa Wacipi Wi (AKA Metawa)

Foaled: 1994 / Gelding
Herd: Adobe Town, WY
Owner: Lona Patton
Present Location: Wyoming
Very gentle and loves children.

Blue Shadows Nightmare (AKA Blue)

Foaled: 1995 / mare
Herd: Windmill Draw, WY
Owner: Gale & Laura Burnett
Present Location: Tennessee
She loves attention and is learning barrels, roping and cutting.

Lone Gentleman's Ghost (AKA Ghost)

Foaled: 1998 / Stallion
Herd: Divide Basin, WY
Owner: Gale and Laura Burnett
Present Location: Tennessee
Gentle and being trained for barrels.

Misty's Amazing Flight (AKA Misty)

Foaled: 1999 / Mare
Herd: Sand Springs East HMA, NV
Owner: Gale and Laura Burnett
Present Location: Tennessee
Broke to ride but has a mind and personally all her own.

Tina's Special Ride (AKA Ride)

Foaled: 1995 / Mare
Herd: Windmill Draw, WY
Owner: Gale and Laura Burnett
Present Location: Tennessee
Adopted in foal and was a little spookier than the others.

Tina's Lucky Lady (AKA Lady)

Foaled: 2000 / Mare
Herd: Born in captivity
Owner: John and Judy Starcher
Present Location: Tennessee
She is a very hardy and willing filly.


Foaled: 1998 / Gelding
Herd: High Rock HMA, NV
Present Owner: Linda Thomas
Present Location: California
He is a very bright and friendly horse.

MC (AKA Munchkin)

Foaled: 1997 / Mare
Herd: Buck & Bald HMA (Near Ely, NV)
Present Owner: Jackie Floyd & Jocelyn Abeldt
Present Location: California
Intelligent, strong-willed and a great Endurance prospect.

Adopter Support
Volunteer organizations recognized by the BLM provide adopter support in the form of training information and mentors who can provide assistance.

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