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Oakhurst, California
Blood Red Bay Mare Missing

Hilary Hurley writes:

Missing a 7 yo mare, 16-16.1 hh, draft-type. Her back is long , with prominent withers and croup bump. Neck topline is straight, head profile is slightly convex along the bridge of nose, rounded (unclipped) muzzle with slightly droopy lower lip. Her head is quite large in proportion to her body. Legs have a large bone diameter, with clean joints and medium feathering around the fetlocks. She gives the impression of a Clydesdale/Spanish cross, body is long and very slender with smooth muscling (not pronounced or bulging anywhere) She has a tendency to get scrawny in the winter, with a couple ribs showing.

Photo Coming


Blood/red bay with gold highlights around the muzzle, belly, insides of legs, armpits. Noticeably black-tipped ears, unclipped. She has a big star on her forehead, lopsided triangle. Small snip on upper lip, not obvious. Legs are jet black from the knees/hocks down, no bay overlap on the cannons. Small coronet on R hind, I think the hoof has a light stripe there. Her mane/tail are very full, medium length, coarse and shiny jet black. We tried to make her mane stay on the right side, but it has a tendency to fall over her brand on the left side. Minimal white hair growth in places where pack and riding saddles rubbed, on the wither/scapula. In the winter, she gets thick, long golden hair between her hind legs (affectionately known as "flank fluff")


A big sweetheart! She loves to be scratched on the underside of her neck and chest, flanks and withers. Very friendly, people-oriented most of the time. Not spooky at all, sonic booms and slickers don't make her bat an eye. A bit strong-headed (she knows she's bigger than you, and sometimes takes advantage of it) loads, ties, clips, bathes, just like a show horse. She had a very strong bond with an orphaned Paint/TB filly, and seemed to be the alpha mare of our herd.


Last remember seeing her late Jan, '00 on our ranch in the foothills of central CA, near Oakhurst. We think she may have broken out to get to the band of feral horses up a river canyon, or she may have fallen and been fatally injured in a ravine or creek (unlikely, she was very sure-footed) The main worry though is theft.

Freezemark and Signalment Key:

Freezemark: 93823857
Signalment key: HFIAAAEBB

Contact info:

Telephone: (209) 966-3195

Email: hilary@sierratel.com or brandi@muirtrailranch.com

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