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    "I'm a Crazy Girl Who Loves Mustangs"
    By Katherine Wahl, age 10
I am a crazy girl who loves mustangs.

I wonder if I will have a mustang colt.

I hear a mustang herd running.

I see a million mustangs.

I want a mustang colt.

          I am a crazy girl who loves mustangs.

I pretend to have lots of colts.

I feel a colt running with me.

I touch a fuzzy buckskin colt.

I worry when a colt is sick.

I cry when a horse dies.

I am a crazy girl who loves mustangs.

I understand that I can't have every colt in the world.

I say be nice to every horse.

I dream about colts.

I try to ride my horse every day

I hope I can have a mustang filly.

I'm a Crazy Girl Who Loves Mustangs


In the summer of 1998, Katherine got her mustang; Wind Dancer, an '89 seal brown bay mare from Nevada.

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Wind Dancer's Page

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