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Team Driving

Teaching something as strong as a Belgian to drive in harness requires a little care and planning. A rolling load feels different from a dragging load, so when we decided to team the rookie Dan with the more experienced Molly, we decided it would be better to find a more suitable location than the narrow lanes around the ranch.

We knew Gene Hilty, the driver / handler for Van Exel Belgians, and he offered to let us get the team started in their large driving arena where it would be relatively safe.

Gene checking out the rig

After a few rough edges were worked out, we were soon running pretty smoothly, so we drove out through the barn down the dirt irrigation roads without incident.

The horses seemed to display a great deal more confidence when run as a team, especially when one has some experience in harness, which is good since they can drag the wagon just about anywhere they wanted, even with the brakes locked up!

Driving through the cornfields

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