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Little Joe Bonanza
("L'il Joe")

Little Joe Bonanza ("L'il Joe")
Sharon saw L'il Joe advertised in the newspaper. He was miles from our place, but we were going to pick up a trailer for a friend and the trailer was not too far from where Joe was kept... so, we decided to stop by and check him out.

He was quite a brat, running around tormenting all of the big horses, but we thought he was pretty cute and we all went through our pockets, wallets and the pickup glovebox scrounging together the cash the seller wanted for him. (Besides, we had a trailer with us... why waste it?)

Joe was not supposed to know how to drive, but he took to it well. He learned to back and "swing" like the big guys. Before too long we were out on some of the private paved lanes with a bunch of our friends' minis... a veritable herd of little horses!

Sharon starting to drive Joe

Joe isn't very practical, but he is fun to drive and he can always make us smile.

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