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Donkey (& Burro) Vital Signs

If you are a donkey or burro owner, you may find that it is difficult to find anyone, including veterinarians, who actually know the proper pulse, respiration and temperature for donkeys.

The Donkey Sanctuary of England has published some values which seem to be accepted. We are reproducing these figures for our donkey and burro owning friends.

(beats per minute)
(per minute)
Adult: median 98.8F,
  • range 97.2-100
    Young: median 99.6F,
  • range 97.8-102.1
  • Adult: median 44,
    range 36-68
    Young: median 60,
    range 44-80
    Adult: median 20,
    range 12-44
    Young: median 28,
    range 16-48

    The "median" value is basically the midpoint of what would be considered the normal range.

    A young donkey is generally considered to be an animal which is under 2 years old.

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