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Welcome to our Horse Health Section. This is a new section for our website although we have had some involvement with horse health, rehabilitation and prevention for many years. The focus of this section will include how to keep your horse healthy and athletically capable, how to prevent problems, how to cope with common maladies and new advancements in equine health.

As this section develops we hope the visitor will discover that our approaches involve just about everything that works, from traditional methods to "high tech", with large doses of common sense sprinkled in.

Please note: The concepts and ideas shown here are presented for informational purposes and to help the visitor to this site expand his/her field of knowledge. This information is not intended to be a substitute for any customary contact with a licensed veterinarian. In fact, through this section, we hope to promote more informed dialogue between horse owners and their veterinarians so that preventive health can be improved and in certain emergencies, you all may have a better chance of knowing what to do before the veterinarian arrives and so you can provide your veterinarian with more complete and accurate observations as to what took place before he/she arrives.


Horse Back Care
  • Caring for horses' backs; how to spot signs of trouble
  • How to detect it, how to prevent it and what to do until the vet arrives


  • What these potentially fatal objects are and what to do about them
Equine Teeth
  • What equine dentistry is and why it affects a horse's behavior
Equine Feet
  • "Sound foot - sound horse" is more than just an old saying.
Trimming Wild Horse Feet
  • Trimming tips for mustangs and burros

Managing Arthritis in Horses
  • Practical ideas for reducing osteoarthritis pain and lameness.


Donkey and Burro Vital Signs
  • Normal temperature, pulse and respiration values


A Guide to Loving and Caring for Blind Horses
  • Valuable information, resources, support

More horse health and prevention tips can be found in our
QuickTips Section.

How to deal with many specific emergencies is covered in our
Safety Section.

Many more features are on the way!

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