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Welcome to our QuickTips Section. This is a new section for our web site which is dedicated to quick and easy ways to solve problems and minor emergencies which you may encounter with your horses.

Please note: The concepts and ideas shown here are presented for informational purposes and to help the visitor to this site expand his/her field of knowledge. This information is not intended to be a substitute for any customary contact with a licensed veterinarian. In fact, through this section, we hope to promote more informed dialogue between horse owners and their veterinarians so that preventive health can be improved and in certain emergencies, you all may have a better chance of knowing what to do before the veterinarian arrives and can provide your veterinarian with more complete and accurate observations.

A Quick and Easy Easy Boot
  • How to make an emergency boot for an injured hoof
Stirrup Hobbles
  • Little pieces of leather that may save your life!
Lippy, Nippy Horses
  • How to control a progressively annoying habit
Horses that Bite!
  • How to deal with this dangerous problem
Fashioning an Emergency Horse Sling
  • Using what you have to get that horse on his feet
Breath of Life with a Cutting Torch
  • Treating severe shock until the vet arrives
Trailering Tips
  • Use checklists to ensure a better trip
Tire Feeders
  • How to turn a tire into a destruction proof feeder

(How to deal with many specific emergencies is covered in our Safety Section.)

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