KBR Horse Humor:
Goofy Q
By Willis Lamm
and Jan Tofting

"I'm a buckethead"

To understand Quincy... well, maybe the best you can do is to try to understand Quincy. He can amuse himself with anything.

For the workshop I took some 5 gallon plastic tree pots, drilled holes in the center of the bottoms and attached 1" floor flanges for pipe. Into the floor flanges I screwed in plastic hose barbs. The idea was to be able to use the buckets to place crops or flags in the holes to either ride around or for easy grabbing.

Quincy figured they were for another purpose. Grocery bag flags, of course, were fun to play with and it was especially cool to twang the sticks to which they were attached. The buckets proved to be even more cool. He quickly discovered that he could stick his nose down to the bottom of the bucket, grab the plastic hose barb with his teeth, and walk around the arena with the bucket covering his face.

For quality control purposes, he did this with every single bucket in the arena.

We received this email from Jan on 2-1-99:

"I never know what Q will be up to. I was on the stall roof patching nail holes. Comanche was scared of the roof sounds, but Q wasn't. I think I am safer on Q than on a roof. He was real curious about me being up there and when I wasn't looking he picked up his ball and flung it at me. It hit me on the side of the head! Well I threw it back and here it came again. This time I kept it to see what he would do. Well, he picked up his 15 gallon bucket and threw that up! The first time it didn't make it but the second time it did. I threw both toys back, and it was a lot of fun dodging flying objects.

"Everyone was laughing and someone asked if he was doing it on purpose. It sure seemed like it to me. I hadn't gotten all of the holes patched when he hit me again. I could see the headlines: 'HORSE INJURES OWNER WHILE SHE'S ON THE ROOF.'

"If Q throws things or hits me with his toys any more, he may have to hitchhike to your house."

Sure wish someone had a camera what all of that was going on!

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