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Dina teaching Corey to clear obstacles

Dina Townsend assumed possession of Corey for several years, who brought him along nicely. He liked varied workouts, particularly the jumps and canter work.

Dina, who is also a riding instructor, started using Corey at the age of 5 as her lesson horse... even for beginning students and particularly in situations where the students' own horses weren't solid enough for their owners to take lessons on them.

Dina and her other mustang at the time, CJ
In December, 2000, Dina and her family made plans to move to Vermont, so Corey came back to KBR where he is once again, one of our family.

Since the passing of Prints, Corey has been our mainstay horse for use in gentling and training mustangs. He's solid enough for the volunteers to work off of and he seems to enjoy working with the new horses.

Willis on Corey ponying
the wild one Pancho for the first time
"Simple bends."
Warming up with James on the mound.
James and Herbie Preparing to pony
Misty for the first time.

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