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Story date: August 19, 2000
Story revised: January 12, 2001

Webmaster's note: The oversupply of horses and burros needing homes as a result of the drought and fires of 2000 still exists, thus this story is still current.

In Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, the story is the same. Drought. Massive wildfires. Widespread destruction to habitat.

These unfortunate natural occurrences have severely impacted herds of wild horses and burros. State and Federal agencies are closely monitoring these animals. In their struggle to survive many horses are migrating into sensitive habitats where their overabundance can result in significant ecological damage and harm endangered species. In these situations excess horses are gathered and are made available for adoption to qualified private citizens.

The need for adopters falls within two general categories. Horses presently held in inventory at BLM and state facilities need to be placed in order to have adequate capacity for incoming fire / drought horses. In some instances, such as with State managed horses in Nevada, adopters are needed as the horses are brought in and processed since the state has limited holding capacity.

The LRTC Wild Horse Mentors will make arrangements at its National Wild Horse Workshop (Oct. 30 - Nov 4, Golden Colorado) for additional BLM horses to be brought in for adoption should there be sufficient interest. Workshop Director Cher Eastep will have approval to hold 12 "in transit" horses at her ranch for those wanting to adopt who cannot transport horses home directly from the workshop.

The Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association is coordinating adoption placement for State managed horses in Nevada. Lifesavers' Wild Horse Rescue is transporting a number of these horses to their facility in Lancaster (Los Angeles County), CA, where they are being halter trained and are available for adoption. Both VRWPA and Lifesavers are holding horses that need homes now.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is having to place some 400 horses that have shown up in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. Return to Freedom has been awarded the FWS contract to gather the horses that have migrated into the refuge from burned out ranges. While some of these horses will be turned out in sanctuary, foster homes are needed for many. Interested parties can log onto Return to Freedom's website or call Neda DeMayo at (805) 737-9246.

For additional BLM adoptions not included in BLM's original adoption schedule, click HERE. To read the requirements to be a BLM wild horse adopter, click HERE. To read the original adoption schedule and to locate the BLM office nearest you to qualify as an adopter, click HERE.

With the multiplicity of projects and programs underway in an attempt to cope with the scope of this year's problems, we will edit this document as we receive specific information regarding public agencies and bona-fide groups that are involved with this effort and have horses available for adoption.


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