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  • KBR Scrap Book
    • A photo tour of the area featuring some interesting horses and people we come in contact with.
  • KBR Training Section
    • "Open" and "Learn-Learn" training, natural horsemanship, clicker training, sensible training tips, training obstacles and more
  • Farriers
    • What good farriers are all about, horse hoof care, modern farriery developments and useful information on foot care and solving orthopedic problems
  • Quick Tips
    • Quick and relatively easy fixes to common horse maladies and problems
  • Wild Horse Store
    • The Wild Horse Mentors' fundraising on-line tack and art store
  • Our Favorite Links
    • Links to information, vet schools, events, chat pages, galleries... all sorts of interesting stuff including a search engine.

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Traffic Signals at KBR???

Check out one of the more unusual full scale and operational collections that you are likely to ever find.

See Willis' Traffic Signal Collection.

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