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Foaled: 1997 / filly
Herd: ?? / Callaghan, NV
Owner: Julie Kirk
Present Location: California
An easily gentled, pleasant horse.


Foaled: 1998 / filly
Herd: Captive born Sulphur Horse
Owner: Julie Kirk
Present Location: California
A small but bright and gorgeous horse

"Tinker Belle"

Foaled: 1997 / Filly
Herd: Big Summit HMA (US Forest Service)
Owner: Duane Fillis
Present Location: Washington
Sturdy and quick learning,
likely to be an "alpha" type mare


Foaled: 1995 / Mare
Herd: 82 / Rawlings, WY
Owner: Ruben Slape
Present Location: New Jersey
A well built and bright mare;
"One in a million."

"Blackjack Junkie" (AKA "Blackjack")

Foaled: 1993 / Gelding
Herd: 54 / Goldfield, Nye County (Nevada)
Present Owner: Tiffany Moore
Present Location: California
A playful, entertaining, downright mischevious prankster
who is fun to be around and ride.
Tiffany and Blackjack (on the left) at Equifest


Foaled: 1997 / Gelding
Herd: Rock Springs, Wyoming
Present Owner: Stephanie and Scott Lebowitz
Present Location: Wyoming
A friendly, bright and very willing young horse.


Foaled: 1987 / Gelding
Herd: Buck & Bald HMA, near Ely, Nevada
Present Owner: Jane Pittman
Present Location: Colorado
Gentle, smart, silly and very willing to please.


Foaled: 1995 / Gelding
Herd: Maverick-Medicine HMA, near Wells, NV
Present Owner: John & Charlene Fitzgerald
Present Location: Illinois
Handsome, gentle and quick to learn.

"Wild Horse Annie" Legislation
The following important laws were the result of Velma Johnston's efforts which were supported by tens of millions of Americans.

  • 1952 - Ban on using aircraft to capture wild horses in Storey County, NV.

  • 1955- Ban on using aircraft from capturing wild horses on all Nevada private lands.

  • 1959 - PL 86-234, the first federal law which prohibited the use of motorized vehicles in the capture of wild horses and prohibited the pollution of water holes for the purposes of trapping horses (the Wild Horse Annie Law)

  • 1971 - Congress passed the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act without one dissenting vote.

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