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"Yonder Canyon" (AKA "Y.C.")

Foaled: 92 / Gelding
Herd: Near Lovelock, NV
Owner: Jerald Rennels
Present Location: California
one heck of a smart, sure-footed,
and willing to learn animal!


Foaled: 92 / Mare
Herd: 54 / Goldfield, NV
Owner: Diane and Danny Johnson
Present Location: California
Sierra is an abandonment rescue who has turned out to be quite the charmer.
In spite of some prior bad treatment, she is social, willing and a quick learner.


Foaled: 1997 / Stud Colt
Herd: (Born in captivity)
Owner: Theresa Howard
Present Location: California
Email Teresa at


Foaled: 1994 / Gelding
Herd: Diamond Hills, NV
Owner: Ron Kiley
Present Location: Arizona
Characteristics: Very quick to learn and please
Email Ron at


Foaled: 1990 / Gelding
Herd: Christmas Tree, Oregon
Owner: Dean Whittenborn
Present Location: Arizona
Characteristics: Great disposition. Kids climb all over him.
Rock solid.


Foaled: ??? / Mare
Herd: ???
Present Owner: Cheri Unrue
Present Location: PA
Characteristics: Once known as the "Horse from Hell,"
this mare is reliable and a show winner.


Foaled: 96 / Mare
Herd: Adobe Wells, near Rawlins, WY
Present Owner: Sandra Goodwin
Present Location: Wyoming
Raised as an orphan she thinks
Sandra is her mother.


Foaled: 81 / Mare
Herd: Little Owyhee HMA, Snowstorm NV
Present Owner: Elissa Kline
Present Location: Pennsylvania
Good, sweet, honest horse. Beautiful mover.
Does just about everything you ask of her.

Older Wild Horses
Although they learn fast and make excellent mounts, the adopting public is generally less interested in adopting horses over the age of 5. Alternative programs such as the BLM "Cottage Contractors" and prison training programs provide basic gentling for these older horses so that most are actually easier for the inexperienced adopter to handle than the youngsters and take less time to be put to saddle.

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